Restless Global develops and produces high-end original film and television projects based on powerful African stories, and aimed at a pan-African and international audience.

The Trade (TV series)

THE TRADE (10 x 60') is an ambitious crime series set in the murky world of the drug trade in West Africa and inspired by real events. Created by Marie Lora-Mungai and Tendeka Matatu and co-produced by Canal+ International.

The Czar (feature film)

A political thriller that takes place in the upper echelons of the corrupt Kenyan government, THE CZAR is the true story of a man whose passion for justice leads him to betray his own kind. Based on the internationally acclaimed book by Michela Wrong IT'S OUR TURN TO EAT and directed by Mbithi Masya (KATI KATI).

The Poison Society (TV series)

THE POISON SOCIETY (6 x 60’) combines medical investigation, courtroom drama, and esoteric mystery in the colonial Martinique of the early 19th century.

Based on documented historical facts, THE POISON SOCIETY follows the investigation of young doctor Etienne Rufz de Lavison (who really existed) as he tries to separate fact from fiction after several waves of deaths attributed to a mysterious secret society of poisoners send the island of Martinique spiraling into collective hysteria.

Created by Marie Lora-Mungai, Antoine Asseraf and Rene Habermacher.

Fatherland (TV series)

Set between America and Zimbabwe, FATHERLAND (13 x 60') is at its core a personal, philosophical and political struggle between a mercurial American Christian evangelist and his rebellious son, as well as a reflection on the big man syndrome and on the power that corrupts, even when it's handed down by god. Created by Marie Lora-Mungai and Nick Troy.


Restless Global sources, helps package and executive produces projects shot in Africa for international studios, broadcasters, OTT platforms, or production companies.

Crazy, Lovely, Cool (TV series)

Produced and directed by Obi Emelonye, CRAZY, LOVELY, COOL is a coming-of-age TV series (10 x 50 min), soaked in music, that takes a fond look at the lives, joys and struggles of a group of charismatic students whose paths cross on the campus of Nigeria’s largest university via the shocking revelations of an eponymous gossip blog.

Executive produced for TRACE TV.

Wives on Strike (TV series)

TV series (13 x 50’) spin-off of Omoni Oboli's blockbuster movie WIVES ON STRIKE.

Executive produced for TRACE TV.

Restless Global benefits from a rare expertise in comedy, satire and animation through its Kenya-based sister company Buni Media.

The XYZ Show (TV series)

Launched in 2009 and still going strong, THE XYZ SHOW is Kenya's most popular political satire show.

Produced through Buni Media.

Ogas At The Top (TV series)

OGAS AT THE TOP is THE XYZ SHOW's Nigerian little brother, whose 2 seasons ran in 2014 and 2015.

Produced though Buni Media. Comedy Series (Web series)

Short format (52 x 4 min) improv web series produced exclusively for the VOD platform

Produced through Buni Media.