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  • Restless Global is the first global studio engaged in all aspects of development, production and distribution of African content within and outside Africa. Founded in 2015 by Marie Lora-Mungai and Tendeka Matatu, Restless Global works with the new generation of exceptional creative talents from across Africa and its diaspora to produce remarkable film and television content and distribute it through every channel of the growing African media landscape, including cinema, television, and VOD.

  • Marie Lora-Mungai Co-Founder

    Marie is a media entrepreneur and producer. She also founded and heads Buni Media, a multimedia production company with offices in Nairobi and Los Angeles, and Buni.tv the leading African video-on-demand platform for high quality content. Marie is the Executive Producer of THE XYZ SHOW, Kenya’s top political satire show followed by more than 10 million people every month and winner of the Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards for Best TV Series, and of OGAS AT THE TOP, a similar, viral political satire program in Nigeria. She has created or co-created various TV programs, and currently develops several feature film projects. Before becoming an entrepreneur, Marie had a first career as an award-winning television journalist, working across 3 continents and 15 African countries for CNN, Reuters TV, AFP TV and the BBC World Service. In 2013 she was named a Rising Talent by the Women’s Global Forum, and one of the “30 Women Who Matter” by L’Express magazine. She was educated in France and holds a masters in Political Sciences from Sciences Po and a masters in Marketing and Communication from ESCP Business School.

    Tendeka Matatu Co-Founder

    Tendeka is ones of Africa’s most prolific film producers. He produced his first feature film, MAX and MONA by Teddy Mattera, in 2003 through Dv8 Films in South Africa. In 2008 Tendeka founded his own production company Ten10 Films. Tendeka’s credits include the award-winning “Abyss Boys”; the South African box office hits “Material” and “Crazy Monkey”; and the action-drama epic “Gangster’s Paradise: Jerusalema”, which was South Africa’s official entry for the Academy Awards Foreign Language category in 2008. Other titles include “Cold Harbour” by Carey McKenzie and “Tiger House” starring Dougray Scott and Kaya Scodelario. Ten10 Films is an award winning production company based in London with offices in Cape Town, South Africa, the company is built on a wealth of experience and is driven by a strong desire to develop and create inspired, compelling and entertaining African cinema for a world market.

  • Restless Global recognizes that Africa is the next big media frontier.

    The shining star of Africa’s entertainment ecosystem is Nollywood, Nigeria’s film industry now valued at $5.1 billion — or 1.4% of Nigeria’s newly revised GDP, after the 2014 rebasing of the country’s economy. With the production of more than 1,000 films a year, Nollywood’s cinematic output now eclipses Hollywood and is second only to India’s Bollywood. Nigerian box office revenues, which have nearly doubled since 2009, are projected to grow an additional 70 percent by 2018 to $171 million a year, according to a report by PricewaterhouseCoopers.

    Meanwhile, South Africa continues to establish itself as a prime film location for international productions, attracting more global TV series than ever before, from Black Sails to Dominion, Homeland or Wallander, thanks to its attractive tax incentive policies, highly skilled local crews and efficient service companies.

    But the impressive growth of Africa’s media industry is also powered by the explosion of the local television sector. Pay TV revenues in Sub-Saharan Africa will reach $6.22 billion in 2020, up from $3.54 billion in 2014 and $1.92 billion in 2010, according to a new report from Digital TV Research. In 2015, the long-awaited switch from analogue to digital terrestrial television (DTT), will give birth to dozens of new pay or free-to-air channels, all hungry for content.

    But that’s not all. On a continent with the fastest-growing telecommunications sector in the world, this content is also now widely being consumed on mobile phones. Sub-Saharan Africa now counts 700 million mobile phone subscriptions, a number that is expected to rise to 1 billion by 2020. Thanks to the widespread adoption of affordable (under $50) smartphones and the arrival of 4G LTE technology leading to faster internet speeds, researchers predict that mobile data use in Africa will increase 20-fold in the next five years – double the rate of growth in the rest of the world. Mobile video is poised for a revolution.

    And finally, the rise to global fame of great talents of African descent such as Lupita Nyong’o, Chiwetel Ejiofor or David Oyelowo, is giving a fresh, glamorous image to a diverse, stories-filled continent, and an indication of its exciting potential and its ability to capture the imagination of many.


A true content engine, Restless Global is able to leverage its different business units to control and harmonize every step of the content production pipeline for maximum result.


Restless Talent Management is the first global management agency to focus on African film and television talent. Restless TM nurtures the best African actors, screenwriters and directors, and works with them to map out their careers and achieve their goals. Restless TM’s services include career strategy, branding, PR, contract negotiation, project packaging and financing. 

Restless TM is the host of “The Restless Pitch”, a live, fun and popular pitch event that takes place several times a year at various top film festivals across Africa and beyond. It is also currently being developed into a reality TV show. 

Through its consulting arm, Restless TM holds talks, panels, workshops and training sessions for filmmakers, arts & culture professionals and institutions on topics such as the African film market, film finance in Africa, and distribution & marketing of African films.



Restless Productions is Restless Global’s film and television production arm. Comprised of Ten10 Films (London, Cape Town) and Buni Media (Nairobi, Los Angeles), Restless Productions develops and produces outstanding film and television projects for the pan-African or global market. 

Through Ten10Films, Restless Productions has produced 11 films since 2004, including the award-winning “Abyss Boys”; the South African box office hits “Material” and “Crazy Monkey”; and the action-drama epic “Gangster’s Paradise: Jerusalema”, which was South Africa’s official entry for the Academy Awards Foreign Language category in 2008.

Through Buni Media, Restless Productions has produced two of the most popular African television series of the past 5 years, the political satire programs The XYZ Show (10 seasons and more than 10 million viewers in Kenya) and Ogas At The Top (1 million views in 3 months in Nigeria).

Restless Productions operates studio facilities in Nairobi, Kenya, focused on television production and animation, and offers film and television production and post-production services in South Africa. Restless Productions also handles the dubbing of its content in French and Portuguese.


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Restless Distribution manages the local and international sales of premium African content across all platforms: cinema, pay TV, free-to-air, and VOD. 

Restless Distribution also acts as a third-party aggregator of African content for global VOD services such as Netflix and iTunes.



Restless Channels is Restless Global’s branded TV department, whose channels are carried on various pay TV and IPTV platforms across Africa, Europe and the US. Built from the best content produced or acquired by Restless Global, Restless Channels’ branded networks target an urban, high LSM, upwardly mobile and demanding pan-African audience with a mix of edgy television series and world-class cinema never seen before in the African media landscape. 

Launched in April 2012, Buni.tv is Restless Channels’ first digital network, one of the pioneers of African VOD and the leading online destination for high quality African content, having reached 1.5 million unique visitors. Available globally on the web, on mobile, and on various other platforms in Africa, the United States and Europe, Buni.tv offers its subscribers unlimited access to a mix of pan-African general entertainment which includes top rated movies, popular TV shows, animation, and kids content.


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